Regular maintenance

  After observing the effects of various components and, sooner or later we will have to take care of the guitar conducting maintenance operations.

  •     Action and octave

If the guitar is new, probably already have been set by the factory and is ready to be played.

If it is used or is not perfectly controlled, we must intervene. The first thing to do is control the height of the strings (action), and octaves.

The height determines the speed and smoothness of the hand on the strings, while the eighth adjustment allows us to correctly sing the notes after the 12th fret.

In both cases, and for the vast majority of bridges, is done on the screws and paddles mounted on the bridge itself, with the help of a chromatic tuner. These operations require a short time.

  •     Change the strings

Operation to which we all must submit, unfortunately, is the replacement of worn strings, that over time lose their characteristic elasticity and oxidize, causing noise and false notes.

My advice is to start cutting a string at a time, starting from the low E, so as to allow the neck to get used to the new tailpiece. Use pliers or, in a lot of patience, loosen the strings and pull away from machine head. After replacing the strings, stretch it well without fear of breaking them! Tune and re-stretch for a couple of times and your tuning will last a long time!

More attention need Floyd Rose bridges, which require more time and attention, do not panic if you are not versed ask a luthier!

  •     Cleaning

Being in contact with our hands and with the external environment, on your guitar and fretboard will form accumulations of dirt (a mix of sweat, dust, dead skin and bacteria ...) quite repulsive.

To clean your guitar, use a soft damp cloth, not use alcohol or harsh detergents that would ruin the paint or the wood of the fretboard!

Keeping everything in order to prolong the life and the quality of your instrument (as well as the residual value!)



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