To customize the sound of the guitar are available on the market, hundreds of effects.

There are categories of effects. Those are the main effects of distortion, the sound effect that is caused by saturation of a component that amplifies the guitar signal. The distortion involves a change in sound level, an increase of harmonics and sound compression causing a substantial change in the tone of the guitar and a prolonged duration of notes. The quantity and quality of these changes depends on the technology with which caused the distortion effect. The units are useful purpose qusto: Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz and Booster. In particular, overdrive, distortion and fuzz are effects that create signal distortion. This sound can be identified in the classic sound of Hard Rock and Metal Heavey 80s and all kinds made from them later.

The Booster is nothing more than a signal amplifier, in itself does not produce distortion, but is used to increase the input signal to another device to send him to saturation. So it can be used before an amp to send it in or before a distortion effect Distorsonie to accentuate the effect by increasing the input signal. The booster can amplify the signal in a neutral or accentuate certain frequencies.

Then we have the environmental effects like echo and reverb riverbero.Il simulates the acoustics of an enclosed environment, usually obtained from springs or from digital reverb units that can be integrated in the amplifier or may arise as effects pedals . The echo simulates the natural echo to the original sound by adding one or more repetitions of the same delayed in time and intensity gradually decreasing, and later with the digital technology is used only to indicate the time delay envi effect.

We then modulation effects, caratterrizzati by a cyclical variation of the signal of the guitar, the chorus adds to the direct signal a signal that has a delay Berva and unlike the delay, this short delay varies cyclically to simulate the effects are normally expected of a chorus where the two voices are never perfectly synchronized and also have mild dissonance.

The phaser sum to the direct signal by a phase-shifted signal is that there are cancellations of attendance vary cyclically throughout the audio spectrum. The flanger is similar to the phaser, with the ability to get more extreme sounds, and the tremolo (not the bar on the deck!) Causes a cyclical variation of the volume of the guitar.

The vibrato is a cyclical change in the height of the note similar to the vocal technique of the same name.

In the dynamic effects of the compressor are acting on the scale of the signal by changing the relationship between the plan and the strong variation caused by the force with which we strike the strings with a plectrum. The compressor reduces the difference between the peak of the signal that is when we hit the strings and the minimum signal udible that you first complete decay of the note played, it can be to make good use of the standard notes of an arpeggio or to lengthen notes (sustain).



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